Favorable Conditions
Costs and benefits

A "cheap" translation may not always be so inexpensive in the long run. Quality, too, counts. A low-cost, but failed translation can do great harm to your image and to your company as well. And the subsequent editing of such a translation often costs more than a completely new and correct text. You could be faced with double the expense. So, why not ensure you get it right the first time!


List prices are always approximations. This is because, in the final analysis, project costs must depend on volume of material, degree of difficulty, required delivery deadlines and time outlays for any research.

Since my own range of services is geared to the needs of international markets, my settlement modes reflect customer preferences in various regions:

Region Price basis
UK per 1,000 words of source text
Germany per line (55 characters incl. spaces) of target text
Other countries per word of source text

In the case of software localization, the general rule - regardless of region - is that the number of words in the source text serves as basis for the price.

At all events, you can save time and money by ensuring proper preparation for the project. My check list in the EXTRA Service will help you here.
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