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Kfz-Technik und Materialtechnologie/Materialprüfung

  • Electromagnetic Compatility: Radiated and Conducted Susceptibility Testing
  • Determination of the Effects of Coatings on the Torque/Clamping Performance of Fasteners
  • Electrophoretic Dip Priming of Vehicle Components
  • Resistance of Components towards Transients and Detrimental Voltage Conditions
  • Computer-Based Training Courses covering Automotive Wiring Diagrams


  • CSC Research and Advisory Services Performance Enhancement Programme (PEP) for System Development
  • System Ownership & Security Responsibilities Policy (For IT Systems & Applications)
  • E-Commerce Application Technical Design Standards
  • Information Technology Solutions Training - Compatibility and Migration of and Interoperability between Database Systems
  • Installation, Upgrades and Additions for Modular Switching Cabinets


  • Piezo Drop-On-Demand Digital Press Manual
  • Micro Repeaters and Ethernet Hubs Manual
  • SunSystems eBusiness Gateway for Windows NT
  • ColourKit Editor and ColourKit Manager User Manuals - Image Processing
  • Manual for Mobile Alarm Units for Use in On-Site Personnel Location Security Systems


  • BS 880 - Occupational Health and Safety
  • In-Line Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS) for External Suppliers
  • Supplier Quality Assurance Manual - Purchased Parts
  • Material Safety Data Sheets