Use this check list, and ...
... come to more rational and faster decisions!

The list will help you save time and money in the runup to the project already and will make it easier for me to concentrate entirely on the detail and quality of the translation.

1. With your first order, please state the basics of your corporate philosophy, service alignment and the language usage that should be taken into account in ensuring the desired tone of your presentations.
2. Do your planning well in advance - to leave all the more time for a careful translation.
3. Try to submit the document to be translated in its complete and final version, since subsequent corrections may impede the progress of the translation work.
4. Wherever possible, submit the source document in electronic form, since that goes far to simplify and speed up operations.
5. Attach available reference material like other translations, internal glossary, product descriptions or marketing copy.
6. Include any drawings, photos or explanatory material that help elucidate task and goals.
7. Do name a contact at your end to deal with any queries who is acquainted with the subject matter and is able to provide detailed information.
8. Specify your ideas as regards deadlines and prices to cover binding working processes and agreements.
9. Indicate the target group for the finished translations and the form of transmission required, from file format to delivery form (email, fax, etc.).
10. Be as precise as possible in your stipulations and requirements as regards style and content in the case of modifications or corrections.
11. Please state to which persons or addresses your original documents and other material may have to be returned.
12. Provide exact particulars for later invoicing in line with the needs of your internal organization.
13. Please pass on this checklist to all those involved in your company - to ensure fast and rational translation work.