My Exclusive Offer to you
With the focus on the language combination English-into-German, my service range is as follows:
  • Technical translations
  • Localization of software in specific areas
  • Production and maintenance of glossaries of your own specific corporate terminology
In view of necessary specialization on a limited number of areas, I am able to act as the language expert worthy of your confidence in your own special fields.

Each document form speaks its own variety of a language. It is essential that this circumstance be taken into account in a translation. The idea is also reflected in my own approach to your various internal records.

The fact that your data and documents are safe and sound at my end is imperative for any successful and confidence-based cooperation.

Naturally, the conditions have to be right, you will say. And rightly so. Which is why I offer you business cooperation that features a healthy balance between cost and benefit and in which your value add is the vital consideration.