My EXTRA service
To give you some idea of the specific areas covered by my spectrum of experience, I can give you a brief overview of the projects I have handled in recent years.

Thorough preparation paves the way for smooth and successful cooperation. Some valuable tips and, as a quick aid, my checklist may be a help in this respect.

You yourself will know best that each industry and each field has developed its own language variety. The translator's art is no exception. A glimpse of what technical terms and concepts help make translators and interpreters tick can be read up in the glossary, which I am preparing at the moment.

You wish to look up something quickly in a dictionary or encyclopedia? You want to solve some linguistic problem in a translators' forum? Or you need a translator for other languages? In my collection of links (coming soon), you will certainly find what you are looking for. Or just ask me personally. I am sure I can help you along.